DataWarehouse - At the service of the analysis

Operational systems contain large volumes of information.
The analysis of such data is a major challenge to the steering of the marketing strategy of the company.


For performance-related reasons, the data to be used by Marketing should be extracted and conditioned prior to being analyzed.

Building independent marketing databases is necessary in order:

  • Not to crash the performances of the operational systems when voluminous marketing analyses are run;
  • to reshape the data into code structures in a manner well adapted to marketing analyses;
  • to clean operational data to make them ready for analysis (code translation, elimination of duplicates, etc.);
  • to complete data with pre-calculated values allowing for analyses and groupings with acceptable performances.
The implementation of such processes very often faces a problem related to volumes and execution time.

Connecting to different data sources and monitoring the computer jobs are also critical elements that need to be mastered in order to avoid the confrontation with recurring loads during the daily IT operations.

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