Assistance at startup - Team follow-up

The goal consists here for CiiS in providing a range of services allowing the client to prepare and to proceed to the startup of a new IT-solution under the best circumstances.

CiiS would be engaged upstream of the operational startup of the solution in actions like:
  • Issuing The User Acceptance Manual;
  • The roll-up of the acceptance procedures with the technical and operational Teams of the client;
  • Elaborating the content of the courses and the training plans for the Teams;
  • The overall control of the solution within the test environment;
  • Organizing the startup phase:
    • Gradual (pilot sites, roadmaps,…),
    • One shot (big bang);
  • Assistance to the validation of the acceptance minutes for the different vendors involved;
  • etc.

After the actual startup, CiiS performs some consistency checks and puts in place a process to collect the difficulties met by the client's operational Teams. CiiS takes care, along with its client, of the hierarchy and of the priorities of the corrective actions. Action plans are then drawn-up with each of the vendors concerned.

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